This past Christmas I received a jigsaw puzzle as a gift. It was not just another scene to connect, but 1,000 pieces of vintage jewelry overlapping one another. I was excited to get started. As a child, I had completed lots of puzzles, but it had been many years since I started a new one. As I connected the border pieces, I soon discovered the enormity of this puzzle. I started to question if I could finish it. At times I became overwhelmed. If fifteen minutes ticked by and I had not put one piece in place, I lost patience.

Sometimes our lives feel fragmented like disconnected puzzle pieces strewn across the table. Your obedience to God’s word forms the platform for the healing to begin. Forgiving someone who has hurt you nudges a key puzzle piece in place. Letting go of the past brings clarity to the process.

A timely piece properly placed by the Lord in the puzzle of your life acts like a foundation for the next piece. Trusting the Lord in a difficult situation slides another one into position as a beautiful picture of a restored heart takes shape.

Puzzle Completed

As the last piece completes the puzzle, a sense of peace rests upon your soul. Allow the Lord this day to take the pieces of your broken heart for He knows where each piece belongs to bring wholeness again.

Our purpose is to patiently trust the Lord to put each piece in its proper place. The end result is one that is dependent on Him.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11a)





Thank you, Lord, for your plan and purpose in our lives. Help us to wait on your perfect timing.

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