In Joshua 4, God tells the Israelites to form a stone tower to remember how the Lord made a way for them to enter the Promised Land. This monument served as a reminder to them and their future generations of what God had done for them.

Today we still need reminders of God’s love and faithfulness. If you lose sight of the truth of God’s love and mercy during a trial or hardship, take the time to remember these 10 things. (I ‘m certain you would be able to add to this list.)

I will give you rest ~ Matthew 11:29  

I will strengthen you ~ Philippians 4:13

I will answer you ~ Mark 11:22

I believe in you ~ John 3:16

I will bless you ~ Matthew 5:8


I am for you ~ John 14:3

I will not fail you ~ Isaiah 58:11

I will provide for you ~ Genesis 45:11

I will be with you ~ Hebrews 13:5

                                                            I love you ~ John 13:34


Thank you, Lord,  for sharing your faithfulness to us each day!

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