compassionThe Gospels use the word hands hundreds of times. “Jesus put out His hand and touched him…So He touched her hand…He went in and took her by the hand…Jesus stretched out His hand…Jesus came and touched them…Then little children were brought to Him that He might put His hands on them and pray.”

Jesus’ hands are working hands – the village carpenter labored in the Middle Eastern sun without gloves or modern machinery.

Jesus’ hands are powerful, healing hands – just a single touch can heal a broken body or restore a broken soul.

Jesus’ hands are compassionate hands – He touches others with the gospel  message of love, humility, and acceptance.

nail pierced handsJesus’ hands are crucified hands – His nail-scarred hands represent the love He has for us and the sacrifice He was willing to make for our salvation. 

Jesus’ hands are inviting hands – He invites you to come to Him and receive His abundant love, humility and acceptance in your life.

Psalm 104:28 says, when God opens His hand, we’re filled with goodness. He wants us to use our hands to minister to others. Your hands can become a blessing to others.

Are your hands open to helping those God brings across your path? Are you generous towards ministries that need your support? Reach out to someone today and be a blessing in Jesus’ name.

praying handsPrayer – God take my hands and use them for your glory! Give me eyes to see the needs around me and the love to give with openhanded generosity.


Join the conversation! In what ways have your hands been a blessing to others? I invite your comments and hope you will recommend my site to other broken people.

Love and Blessings,




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