Sex trafficking occurs every day in the United States, in every one of our States. The Super Bowl is known as the single largest Sex Trafficking event in the United  States. Traffickers will transport thousands of girls to Phoenix and force them to make nightly quotas for them.

Jan - Human Trafficking

Let this month be one of focusing on freedom for the oppressed. Here is what each one of us can do!

Get to know THE FACTS 


Prostituted women and children are forced to make hundreds of dollars in nightly quotas to be given to their traffickers.




Traffickers sell women and children on line everyday. Sufficient Grace Outreach operates a call center to reach out to these victims and offer them hope and resources to escape the lifestyle their pimps force on them.


brothelThousands of brothels in the United States operate under the cover of being legitimate massage parlors.



indexYoung girls are forced to sell sex by knocking on cab doors at truck stops. Truckers Against Trafficking are making an impact and saving lives.



Take action; pray, volunteer, raise awareness, donate


Prayer  – we agree together in prayer, asking God to:

• Use the Super Bowl event to heighten awareness of the cruelty and prevalence of sex trafficking in our nation.
• Awaken the Church to her role in demanding justice for the vulnerable and exploited.

“Holy Spirit, let my heart be broken for the trapped, dehumanized and frightened victims of sex trafficking. I offer myself as an advocate.”

Join the conversation! I appreciate your comments and hope you will recommend my site to other broken people.

Love and Blessings,

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