Human Trafficking

January 11, 2016 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Sex trafficking occurs every day in the US in everyone of our states. Thousands of precious children and women will be violated in unimaginable ways as slaves held captive.

Get the facts: Watch Linda Smith (founder of  Shared Hope  International 

iStock_000001460525Medium“No girl wakes up and looks in the mirror and says I want to be a prostitute.” Linda Smith (founder of Shared Hope International)

Let this month be one of focusing on freedom for the oppressed!  What can each of us do to help? Take action; pray, volunteer, raise awareness, donate.


If you see something suspicious at an event, hotel or truck stop, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline:

hotline graphic

Join in me in supporting these Organizations:

Learn More – What is human trafficking?

More Resources on my Pinterest Board –  Stop Sex Trafficking


Thank you Lord that you came to set the captives free. Show me what I can do to make a difference in the lives of those held in bondage by their traffickers.

Let my heart be broken for the trapped, dehumanized and frightened victims of sex trafficking. I offer myself as an advocate.

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