January 11, 2018, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Sex trafficking is a horrible crime beyond belief. Every day in America children are bought and sold for sex. The common age a child enters sex trafficking is 14-16, but many are only 12 years of age. Traffickers/pimps find victims through social media, neighborhoods, clubs/bars, the internet, malls, schools and more. They lure these girls into their world with promises of protection, adventure, love, a home, and opportunity. The truth is traffickers use violence, fear, threats, and intimidation to ensure compliance.

Sex trafficking thrives because there is a serious demand for commercial sex with minors, especially among men. Thousands of precious children and women will be violated in unimaginable ways as slaves held captive. What can you do? Get involved – You can make a difference! Take action, pray, volunteer, raise awareness, donate.

Visit my website to learn facts and get a list of ministry websites who are making a difference working with victims, educating others, rescuing victims and more. For more resources visit my Pinterest board – Stop Sex Trafficking.

Prostitution is not the oldest business. Slavery in the oldest business. (unknown) 

Invite me to speak at your next event. Visit my Speaking page and request She is Someone’s Daughter…A look at Modern Day Slavery- Human Trafficking in America. More topics are also available.

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Love and Blessings, Maureen

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