A Look at Modern Day Slavery: Human Trafficking in America

WE HAVE A PROBLEM ~ Sex Trafficking is a booming industry. More than 100,000 US children are exploited every year.

KNOW THE FACTS ~ The average age a child is forced into sex trafficking is 14-16.

DEMAND ~ Who are the buyers? It thrives because there is serious demand.

Children who are exploited through prostitution, pornography, and sexual entertainment are victims of domestic minor sex trafficking. Click To Tweet


A trafficker is anyone who profits by receiving cash or other benefits in exchange for sex with a minor. These criminals are often called pimps. Across the United States, family members, friends, and boyfriends can be pimps and… Click To Tweet

*VICTIMS NEED HELP ~ not judgment or punishment 


Prevent sex trafficking by identifying the warning signs.

Provide funding & assistance to organizations fighting to restore and empower survivors.

Strengthen laws so buyers and traffickers are brought to justice and survivors are protected.

Pray for those individuals and organizations who are raising awareness and fighting injustice.

Donate and volunteer.

I’ve compiled a list of ministry websites that are making a difference in their churches and communities working with victims, educating others, identifying victims and more.

Learn more at www.maureenhager.com/sex-trafficking

She’s Someone’s Daughter! I am available to speak with your church or group about human trafficking awareness. CONTACT ME
PRAY – Pray without ceasing ~ 1 Thessalonians 5
*Content from www.SharedHope.org 

Lets Stop Trafficking Together!

Thank you, Lord,

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