Maureen Hager

Love's Bullet book by Maureen Hager

Love's Bullet​

The victim of a rival gang attack, she lay for months in a hospital bed abandoned by her abusive husband and with little or no reason to live. Yet, she did. Her father took Hager home to recover. There, she heard the gospel from an old friend who had recently come to faith. Love’s Bullet shows the depth of God’s redemptive love for those who seek Him. And live for Him, no matter how troubled their past. Love’s Bullet shows the depth of God’s redemptive love for those who seek Him. And live for Him, no matter how troubled their past.​

[Love's Bullet is] a captivating story of God’s never-ending love and overwhelming grace.

she writes for Him

She Writes for Him: Stories of Living Hope​

Featuring Best-Selling Authors: Liz Curtis Higgs, Pam Farrel, Debbie Alsdorf
and What Have I Gotten Myself Into? by Maureen Hager.

In this second edition of She Writes for Him: Stories of Living Hope, you will hear voices of women sharing discoveries of hope, and even joy, they’ve uncovered in the most unlikely circumstances—the hard places of cancer, addiction, abuse, mental health issues, and suffering.
From mental and spiritual abuse to the often-hidden shame of mental illness, to escaping the violence of an outlaw gang, women relate their candid true-life stories.

These transparent accounts of finding the hope Christ gives will strengthen your faith and bring you inspiration for the circumstances of your own life.

Life, Repurposed book by Michelle Rayburn

Life, Repurposed: Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith

You’ll find comfort, inspiration, and wisdom in this compilation of 34 stories from women just like you. Every encouraging account shows hope and renewed faith as they have come through trials and tough times, including family struggles, infertility, health challenges, doubt, fear, human trafficking, depression, heartbreak, loss, and more. In these examples of forgiveness, starting over, renewed joy, fresh faith, love, healing, acceptance, and refined hope, you’ll be inspired to experience your own story of transformation. Includes From Gang Life to Glorious Life by Maureen Hager

Trials and Triumphs Bool cover

Trials and Triumphs II: Rooted & Grounded in Love​

The fifty authors in this book do not have perfect lives. They actually have something much better; a heartfelt understanding of the most important thing, a correct awareness that God does love them. Looking away from life’s ever-changing circumstances that we will all face to some degree, they keep their eyes focused on the unchanging truth of God’s love seen in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. They know and believe the love that God has for them (1 John 4:16). When they read Jesus’ words in John 17:23 that “God the Father loves us as much as he does Jesus himself” they simply believe Jesus. The knowledge of their Father’s personal love for them is vital in their ability to move forward and keep the faith, no matter what life brings.​

Chicken Soup Cover

Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Nurses: 101 Stories Of Appreciation And Wisdom​

Nurses will find their own hearts and souls in these pages — and the inspiration they need to cope in health care today.

Most nurses didn’t choose their careers because of great hours, pay and working conditions! Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses reminds them why they entered the profession… and why they stay.

Working in health care never gets easier; staying positive and engaged can be difficult. And yet nurses show up… over and over again… day after day, selflessly nurturing others with their hands and their hearts.

This collection of true stories champions nurses’ daily contributions, commitments and sacrifices, and depicts the compassion, intelligence and humor needed to meet today’s demands. Through laughter and tears, nurses share their stories to inspire and fortify one another, so together they can continue their competent, compassionate service.

Regardless of age or area of practice, nurses will discover the universality of caring, the power of their skillful hands, bright minds and devoted hearts. These stories will bless them with the hope, health and healing they bring to all those they touch. Because they deserve it.